Ada Lovelace Day

Today's Ada Lovelace Day, so also me as an contributor to THE NXT STEP takes the liberty to post about "a woman in science, technology, engineering and mathematics who has influenced us over the years".

For me, it's fellow contributor Fay Rhodes who constantly reminds me (who tends to approach MINDSTORMS from a rather technical perspective) of keeping in touch with the main target audience for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, that is, the kids.

Also, here in the blog as well as in other forums and groups related to LEGO that I share with her, she always has a particular focus on a part of human mankind that still deserves more consideration than it gets in male-dominated sciences: girls.

Both of which also reflects in her wonderful books on robot animals, like The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Zoo, Robots Alive! Endangered Species or NXT One-Kit Creatures (the German edition of which I am the proud translator of).

Who is your robotic Ada Lovelace Day woman?
Tell us!


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