New Java book for the NXT

One month ago, a new book has been published by Brian Bagnall, one of the main contributors to leJOS NXJ, the Open Source Java platform for the NXT: Intelligence Unleashed: Creating LEGO NXT Robots with Java.
Brian has already written NXT books with a focus on Java in the past, and this new one
"helps engineers and amateurs alike design and build their own customized robots, programmed however they desire. A diverse set of projects is accompanied by building tips, programming code, complete 3D-rendered building instructions, and hundreds of illustrations. The NXT intelligent brick’s Bluetooth capabilities are introduced, as are the newest available parts, from GPS to the RFID sensor, in this useful handbook that serves as the perfect compliment to the LEGO NXT kit."
as the description on Amazon says.
I have not laid my hands on it so far; in case one of our readers has already tried it or knows about videos or images on the robots of the book, please provide feedback here.


I've got a copy on order, and can't wait to get my hands on it!

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