NXT controlled wheelchair

I've had the great pleasure of meeting Yaya several times, and her enthusiasm and skill never ceases to amaze me for someone so young.  This is her latest project where she uses an NXT and standard sensors in a helment configuration, to control a wheelchair.  Her video nicely steps through some of the issues she's had to contend with to get it all up and running.

She's entered it into the Melbourne University Engineering RoboGals competition so if you like it (or any of the other entries), feel free to stop by and vote (http://www.sciencechallenge.com.au/vote.html)

It is so encouraging to see students taking on projects that will ultimately go on to benefit society :)


Unknown said…
Damien, the link in the note seems to be broken. Please fix it as so people can simply go and vote
NickNackGus said…
Either type the link as it appears into your address bar, or click the link and delete anything that ISN'T between the parentheses, deleting the parentheses as well.
Damien Kee said…
Thanks guys, link fixed! :)
Anonymous said…
I think this is brilliant in so many ways. What a great way for kids to learn, and Yala's ideas and presentation are spot on. She got my vote.
yaya.lu.01 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
yaya.lu.01 said…
Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for putting my project on this blog! :)

Also keep in mind that even though the official competition may be finished, the crowd-favourite voting is still continuing until the Awards Ceremony Date (December)!


P.S. Note that you can only vote for that particular video once a day (It works by IP Address, so voting using different computers in your house won't work). :)You can vote again the following day if you want.

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