Dexter Industries: Win a Snowflake dIMU

This week Dexter Industries will be giving away a "Snowflake dIMU" to one lucky winner. It's a special edition of the dIMU sensor.

“How can I win the Snowflake?
You can win the Snowflake by visiting us on Facebook, and liking Dexter Industries Facebook Page, in the next week. Already like us? You’re entered!"

More details are on their website.


Lolataylor88 said…
I looked at the selection at Dexter Industries and I was impressed. I like the type of gyroscope sensor that you use on your products. I have to start using your products and spreading the word.
Björn Leenen said…
Received it yesterday and will start making Laurens' segway. After that learningcurve I'll start making a xyz-balancer for a camrea head (or something similar). As I tried to say: looking forward to unleash the potential in new designs.

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