Simon & his George

You may have seen this crazy big robot on Youtube...

After seeing this i was wondering who was behind that awesome creation... Turns out Simon, from the UK, was also quite fascinated by the work I've been doing and has been scrutinizing my 600+ pictures of WALL-E prototyping on my Picasaweb album... Cool, eventually we got to chat on Skype here is a short bio of the man behind George
I'm a Lego Technic builder who has always been fascinated by large robots from films like Terminator, Short Circuit, Robotcop.  Since getting my Mindstorms RIS 2.0 kit in 2003, I have taken my job as a programmer and merged it with my Lego hobby.   My plan is to build a fully functionally Lego robot that is around the 8ft tall mark!  Something people just can't walk past!

I am an active member of Brickish and Eurobricks and often find inspiration from films and random stuff on Youtube.  I have built 2 large robots which were shown at the Great Western Lego Show in 2010 / 2011.  This is the largest UK non Lego organised show.
Stay tuned for more amazing projects from Simon, below, another prototype video of some big thing he is working on... 

I hope we get a chance to met him and his robots at some big LEGO event in the near future... till then you're best bet is to subscribe to his channel. His online name is burf2000 ;)

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