Spelling Game

I love this video from Tufts University.  It show a couple of students from the EN10 subject showing off the spelling game they build for kids.

From what I can tell, each block has a particular colour, and in each slot is a light/colour sensor.  The NXT reads in the combination, figures out if it is a valid word (lookup table??).  If it is a real word, the little leprechaun moves along the rainbow.

What makes the video for me is the enthusiasm of the (university level) students for a spelling game.  Oh, and the green hats :)

Video is embedded from Facebook, so not sure if it'll work.
Direct link here - https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=180530342035361


wong said…
Great idea! Where are the Fisher Price Executives? Those guys are pretty funny.

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