WiFi Week - Dexter Industries

Dexter Industries have just wrapped up a week of WiFi inspired posts aimed at getting you DI WiFi sensor connected to the Interwebs.

I wouldn't say it your typical kid could do it, (it talks about modem AT commands and other scary stuff), but DI have done an amazing job of leading a newbie through the process, one step at a time.

Definitely worth the read if you're interested at all about how these things work.  I certainly learnt a lot :)

I love the final instalment where they take a temperature reading, and sent it to a twitter account.
Tweeting NXT's, love it :)

From their website:

Wifi Sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS ReleaseThe Dexter Industries Wifi sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT is released! Continue reading 
WIFI Week: Communicating with ComputersThe second installment of Wifi Week at Dexter Industries. Today we’ll be walking you through our example of how to connect to other computers and internet devices with TCP protocol. In this post we use our wifi sensor to make a Lego MINDSTORMS NXT that receives texts.Continue reading 
WIFI Week: PING!Part 3 of our Wifi Week examples: ping! Find the IP address of your favorite website, and then ping it. Got a fast connection? Prove it with Ping! Continue reading 
WIFI Week: Setting Up a WebserverSetting up a webserver for your MINDSTORMS robot can be done now with the Dexter Industries Wifi sensor.  A few months back, Botbench setup an incredible example of a webserver.  This example is based largely off the work done there. … Continue reading 
Wifi Week: Crank Up The Speed!Communicate between the NXT and the rest of the world faster than you ever have before: unleash the speed of high speed communications with the Wifi Sensor. Continue reading 
WIFI Week: Twitter TemperatureThe final part of our Wifi Week! In this final example, we demonstrate how to send a message to Twitter from your robot. Check out how we use the Wifi Sensor to Tweet the Temperature!Continue reading 


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