Hispabrick Volume 12

Jetro and his team have just release Hispabrick 12.  It is a fantastic online magazine (available in both Spanish and English) that is crammed full of LEGO news.  While it covers everything LEGO (and I mean everything!) there is a fantastic writeup of Steve Hassenplug's Super RoboRally.  We've cover RoboRally in the past, but this is a much more comprehensive writeup.

There is also an extremely in-depth analysis of all the LEGO motors ever produced (13 in total!)

You can download the PDF here- http://www.hispabrickmagazine.com/ (look for the English PDF on the right)

(yes that house is completely made of LEGO!)


YES! an excellent magazine indeed!
There is also a nice write up of Simon's projects that I had posted not to long ago here: http://thenxtstep.blogspot.com/2011/11/simon-his-george.html

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