What's on your holiday shopping list?

Yesterday, as I searched the Web for Christmas and birthday gift ideas, I came across these cute robotic salt and pepper shakers at uncommongoods.com and it struck me that y'all probably know of some cool gift ideas.

What is on your gift list (or wish list) this year? An additional NXT? An Education Resource Set?

What are some less expensive but desirable ways to supplement an NXT set? (LEGO Education is loaded with individual parts and packs of parts). Is there such a thing as a gift certificate for Bricklink? Do you have a favorite NXT book to recommend? Favorite one-kit models? Can you recommend a non-NXT book which compliments and broadens the understanding of NXT robotics? Can you warn us about a product that doesn't live up to its claims?

Do you know of a fun, inexpensive, and unique robotic gift (like these salt and pepper shakers) that is available online? Do you have do-it-yourself ideas for NXT jewelry or other household accessories? Please inspire us!

NOTE: In the spirit of transparency, please tell us if you have a financial interest in any product you recommend. Also, the "You might also like" stuff added to the bottom of this post are not my suggestions!


Karen L said…
I liked this 'I heart robots' T-shirt:
Amy V. said…
I like http://www.etsy.com/shop/MamaRobot I got one of the parent and child robot tshirts for my husband for Father's day. ;)
Surely baby slides are top on my list. Its some thing that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
Andy said…
Anyone interested in robotics should read Isaac Asimov's IRobot. Invaluable stuff.

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