The Dynaway Sorting Plant

From the guys who brought you the C5 NXT Blimp, have a look at this awesome industrial color and size sorting plant commissioned by Dynaway. This model is used to demonstrate their manufacturing execution system.

It sorts 2x4 and 1x2 bricks in size and color. The bricks get sorted directly into pallets in a high bay storage system. When a new color is detected, an empty pallet in the high bay storage is assigned to the color. When a pallet is full, a robot retrieves it, and returns a new empty pallet. 

There are 7 NXT’s in the plant, and they all communicate with each other and a PC application over Bluetooth. The software written in leJOS, with is a java language for MINDSTORMS®.

Full details can be found on the BrickIt  team's website


Menno Gorter said…
Kenneth and Lasse have been brilliant again! :-)

If I'm correct the high bay storage section has been made back in 2010.

I hope both will be shown in Copenhagen!
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Ulrich said…
It's not definitive if the Sorting Plant will be present at LW 2012 yet!

Please follow or for updated information.

//Ulrich, Dynaway
Hookz said…
It must be difficuilt to build...
And it must spend a lot of money.... :D

I can't build it, because I have only one Mindstorms Kit ;)

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