Huge mobile robot arm

One of our readers Aris just sent through this enormous robot arm he has been working on.

It manages to lift a cup of water (heavy glass, not light plastic!) off a table, and then follow a black line through the house setting the cup down on another table.

Some quick specs

  • Total weight: 4.2kg
  • Maximum load: 1kg
  • 7 Motors (NXT and PowerFunctions)
  • 1 NXT
  • 1 RCX
  • Pneumatic Gripper

Fantastic work Aris!


Anonymous said…
great it
Unknown said…
Is there also some web site for the robot with details?
NXTAris said…
Yes, there is some more information about the functions of the arm in Nxtlog site.
Just search there for forestrymani1234.
Thanks for supporting

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