NXTAVATAR a Tele-presence robot

The NXTAVATAR  is a Tele-presence robot which is visually remote controlled using the internet.

It is easily build. You need: a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® 2.0 set, an iPhone® 4 (or other Smartphone) with Skype® installed, a Windows PC with Skype® installed, 2 Skype® accounts and 2 NXTAVATAR programs (which are open source). You can download building instructions & NXTAVATAR programs at www.nxtavatar.com. You can easily adjust the robot and programs to fit your own demands.
Have fun!

Below are the controls as seen on the PC side, The frame in red is what is shared on the mobile device via Skype screen sharing.

- Remote control using the internet
- Face to face interaction
- Full audio & video communication
- Moves forward & backward
- Turns left & right
- Looks up & down
- Gets & drops small objects

It was created by Andreas (NXTwallet) the father of the first transformable NXT WALL-E, and a good friend of mine, I was thrilled when he asked me if i wanted to try his NXTAVATAR!!!  He lives in the Netherlands but thanks to his new LEGO Mindstorms robot, i was able to visit his house, meet his family and play with his dog bobby ;) 

Here is me, bazmarc, on the NXTAVATAR thousands of miles across earth!!!


Unknown said…
What's the program written in?
When downloading it from the web site, I just get (Windows) exes and some XML files.
Andreas said…
sorry for that, the visual basic source code is now downloadable from the website.
Unknown said…
Thanks Andreas. It's a great project indeed!
Fabrizio said…
Great project! I tried to upload the NXT code, but the software tells it is broken. At least it seems a myblock called "getobject" is missing. Can you double check that all myblocks are in your .zip?
Andreas said…
thanks 2x, an updated nxtavatar_myblock.zip is now downloadable on www.nxtavatar.com.

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