Skype controlled Robot (yes you can drive it!)

One of our readers Leon just sent me through this amazing project he's been working on.

He has built an NXT robot that you  (yes you!) can control over Skype.  It's set up to work between now and January 18th and I'm just had a great time making it cruise around Leon's setup.

How it works.

  • You make a call to Leon (details at the bottom of the post)
  • You share your screen with Leon
  • The Webpage has 4 buttons (forward, left, right, stop)
  • Each time you click a button, your screen changes to a different shade of grey.
  • A NXT with light sensor at Leon's end picks up what colour you have (because you're sharing a screen) and then transmit via blue tooth to the NXT robot what to do.

Leon has a great writeup on his blog with lots of technical details on how he achieved it.

Hopefully we'll get an update from Leon when it's finished with some stats about how many people connected, what the average length of connection was etc!


Anonymous said…
Well, an impressive concept and idea

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