Top NXT creations for 2011

So here it is..... The most popular NXT creations for 2011 (as determined by pageviews from our amazing readers!)

#5 - UNIMOG NXTification by Anika

#4 - CubeStormer II: A NXT machine that solves a Rubik's Cube faster than any human

#3 - MindCuber: Build a Rubik's Cube Solver with a single NXT 2.0 set!

#2 - LEGO® MINDSTORMS digital clock

And the most popular creation (with double the pageviews of #2) goes to....

#1 - Amazing Mindstorms 3D printer

Which was your favourite?  Let us know in the comments!


jonbro said…
The cubestormer got me excited about mindstorms, and then I went through the post history and saw the cnc machine, and jumped on ebay and bought one right away. Thanks for all the great coverage, it is great to see.
Gabriel said…
Well, I stay with the printer. First reason - it's the first robot that can print something in 3D ( well, that I saw). Second reason - This one is a bit more complicated. Well, I'm Brazilian and it's hard to find someone interested. Why? Prices here are so high that I bought mine on a trip (and I'll buy the NXT 2.0 on another)and the english is bad for most people, so things get a little complicated.
Since the creation is from Arthur Sacek (genius) which is brazilian, I like it for this. You got fans in Brazil, and I'm still searching for some fair like brickworld here.
Unknown said…
Please, add the Minstorm Ruzzle solver to your article :)

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