Lego NXTified Friends robolab 3933

Take the LEGO Friends - Olivia's Invention Workshop (#3933) and add Anika a Mindstorms Robotics Expert... and what do you get?


This is just awesome!! I'de like to see this creation slightly raised on a mirrored floor plexiglass cube and let the public try it out at the next Mindstorms event.  Don't take it apart, it's beautiful!

 Girl... you inspire us all!


LegoMyMamma said…
Wonderful inspiration for girls and all LEGO builders! Thanks Anika!
Dave Parker said…
Very nice! I recently got a chance to see the complete line of LEGO Friends at LEGO World, and I must say I was impressed. I think LEGO did a good job with these, and I hope it will pull more girls into LEGO and eventually Mindstorms.

I also think that perhaps most people criticizing it for feminist/political reasons have perhaps not actually seen it directly themselves and considered how it stacks up next to competitors toys. I hear from LEGO that it is flying off the shelves as well, so I say Bravo to LEGO for this one.

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