Smallest NXT Biped ever!?

Michael has just sent us details of his recent creation, a tiny NXT based Biped called "My Very First Bipend" that won the SnapBots challenge over at NXTlog.

It's a great design and cleverly relies on momentum of the NXT brick to maintain balance.

More info and pics -

Can you make it smaller!? :)


Menno Gorter said…
I'm sure nobody will make a smaller one very soon. ;-)
At least I won't! :-)

( If you can read this I have proven to be no Robot. :-) )
Nxtstep101 said…
Thanks for posting this! I might try to make a smaller version after I finish my current project.
Unknown said…
Whoever has made a biped with MINDSTORMS will be able to appreciate that one properly.

It's very good indeed.

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