Dexter Industries WiFi Week 2

Hot on the heels of their successful 'WiFi Week', comes Dexter Industries aptly named 'WiFi Week 2'.

Another 5 fantastic projects using the DI WiFi sensor.  They helpfully include lots of RobotC sample code for each to make life that little bit easier.

Monday - Using DIWIFI to send data (sensor values, motor positions, etc) to the Pachube service.

Tuesday - Reading in the weather information from Google and using that info to control your NXT

Wednesday - This time, the tutorial shows you how to take your own sensor data, and post it online to so other people can see it.

Thursday - Want more than just weather from Google?  This will show you how to grab the latest news headlines from Google News and display them on your NXT.

Friday - Last one for the week, this post shows how to access all the DIWIFI functionality from the LeJOS development environment.

So....  who's going to give one of these a go?  Let us know in the comments.


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