iBrickit - Building instructions viewer for the iPad

Ohh, this looks interesting!  From ibrick.it comes a LEGO building instruction viewer for iPad.  This would be fantastic to hold all our building instructions for your current creations as well as doing some 'virtual' building when you don't have your NXT kit around.

Not a lot of info available, but if you know more details, please let us know in the comments.


Hi, I'm José González, from Rude Labs, creators of iBrick.it. We have currently a working prototype that shows LEGO building instructions in LDRAW format, but we haven't yet made our minds regarding the functionality for the first version of iBrick.it (should we first target "normal" users and provide building instructions for standard LEGO sets, or should we target power users, and provide support for MOCs? Should we include anything related to education?)

We are open to suggestions from the community, so if you want to shape iBrick.it to your liking, please visit https://ibrickit.uservoice.com/ and leave your ideas!

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