Here is the official video featuring NeXTSTORMS Boxing Robots filmed at LEGO WORLD Copenhagen 2012

In this excellent video you will see the original Real Steel Robots that where first seen in Abu Dhabi WRO event video but pay close attention and you will notice 2 Mini Boxing Robots as well as A One Kit version named "Muhammad Ali" that you will soon be able to build once the BI get published!

I've pasted below some technical details as found in the show more info of the video:

Real Steel Robots: Each robot set (the boxer and its controller) is consisted of 4 MINDSTORMS NXT Intelligent Bricks, 7 NXT motors, 2 light sensors, 3 color sensors, 9 Touch sensors, 4 rechargeable batteries, 1 HiTechnic Acceleration/Tilt sensors, 1 HiTechnic Sensor Mux, 10,25 meters of NXT cables.

The black Mini Boxing Robots are controlled over Bluetooth by ultrasonic-based controllers. Each mini robot set (the mini boxer and its controller) is consisted of 2 MINDSTORMS NXT Intelligent Bricks, 4 NXT motors, 4 ultrasonic sensors, 1 color sensor, 1 Touch sensor, 2 rechargeable batteries.

Finally the small white one boxing robot is called "Muhammad Ali" and it is made by a single MINDSTORMS NXT set.



lman1234 said…
how do you make them
Unknown said…
Yeah, how do you make them?

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