metaio® free AR SDK

Hey Apps developers, here is an interesting tool -- maybe something Mindstorms related could be developed?!

I met this guy from metaio® at the Intel booth at LEGO WORLD 2012 in Copenhagen

Today I received this email about their FREE SDK now available!!

Check out the official video below

Let us know if you try this out.


Metaio has a page about the LEGO Digital Box kiosk found in LEGO Retail stores...

This is the exact thing that I have pushed to be used with MINDSTORMS products in the stores. Sadly, every LEGO store I have visited lacked one lick of MINDSTORMS knowledge. I'm ususally directed to the TECHNIC sets.

The LEGO Digital Box kiosks could help. Additionally, many many more units would fly off the shelves if a short video loop was available in the store showing visitors what people are doing with MINDSTORMS. Every kid that watched the video would want the kit and they wouldn't have to convince their viewing parents.

Augmented Reality is useful stuff with interesting uses. Imagine the 2.0 Gator snapping at the kid's hands that held the set at the kiosk.

Hopefully coming soon.

Yep, sorry. I'm having posting disorders today.

Here's the link...

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