NXT Tripod finally on the run!

In 2009, I designed a NXT Tripod walker inspired to the War of the Worlds movie,
to be featured as a Bonus model on the official LEGO MINDSTORMS page.
Finally, I decided to publish it. The Tripod can walk in three directions, and it can turn within its own footprints in a unique way. I think this is the first LEGO tripod robot that can really walk. Instructions and program available for free on my website. Enjoy!


Unknown said…
Now that is different and creative. Could probably use some rubber caps over the ends of the feet for more positive traction. Cool idea though with a low parts count!
Unknown said…
I remember doing some attempts some years ago that abominably failed.

So it's a Tripod hopper, in a manner of speaking.
Anonymous said…
The program doesn't compile
error in line 161 and 162 Can u help me please. the prgram says that LEFT_EYE and RIGHT_EYE are incorrect
John Hansen said…
Danny has posted an updated zip with the correct code.

Menno Gorter said…
I hope it's clear that I'm admiring this Tripod very much, since it has an absolute unique way of turning and dancing.

( :-) So I'm not convinced if this is actually the first one which really walks, like you're claiming. :-P )
grabula said…
Where can I find program version for nxt-g? or some tips how to turn?
gardziej said…
When I try programming this robot in NXT Programming I have problem: simple program: loop and inside 2 blocks "move" 1.forward, select motor A,B,C, power 75 and degrees 40. 2. backward, ABC, power 75, degrees 40.
Robot don't work. motor A is strong and make bigest move than motor B and C.

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