NXT Pinball Machine

10 year old Peter Cembalest built and programmed this awesome NXT Pinball Machine, with 4 scoring sensors, all picking up different ways to score, 6 sensors total, and fun game play, all controlled by one NXT:

The design is based on the NXT Pinball Machine from the CD LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 by Example, but Peter and his dad Michael made some significant enhancements.  The original game had two touch sensors to trigger the flippers, an ultrasonic sensor spotting a rotating spinner target, and a color sensor ball trap.  By using a HiTechnic touch sensor multiplexer, they were able to add two more sensors and get two more ways to score: A touch sensor target lever, and a HiTechnic EOPD sensor that senses when the ball passes through the center tires.  Peter rewrote the entire program to include the new sensors, new sounds and graphics, and other customizations.  Great job!


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