Robot Virtual Worlds - New Release

Robot Virtual Worlds, the simulated environment where you can program a virtual NXT, has received an update.

One of the great things about RVW, is that you can write programs in RobotC, test them out on a virtual robot in the simulator first before testing on a real robot.  A very handy tool to have especially if you're using it in a classroom where you only have a limited number of robots to go around.

The new update includes handy features such as;

  • Measuring tables - virtual table tops where you can calculate how far a robot travels based on wheel circumference
  • Light Sensor testing tables - As your robot drives across these virtual tables, the sensor will give actual readings depending on the colour 
  • New Navigation challenges - Billiards and Mini-Golf

You can get a 60 day trial download from here if you want to check it out -

Single licence is $49 for a year, with costs coming down if you getting enough licences for a classrom.


Gunther Cox said…
The software looks great from what I have seen so far. I am looking forward to using this with my team in this years upcoming FIRST competition.

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