Tele-Op software for FIRST Tech Challenege

One of the components of FIRST Tech challenge is to be able to drive around a robot that is powered by the NXT.  Now they can beef their robots up with other, stronger materials, but it looks like one of the real challenges has been the programming required to interface the NXT with a hand-held controller.

Titus Woo has written his own RobotC interface to make life a little easier for teams.

From the site:
Tele-op Catalyst makes it stupidly easy to create robust teleop (remote control) programs using a simple but powerful "click, command, create" workflow. While you still need to know how to write simple code such asmotor[motorA]=100, all the complexities of handling button presses, determining toggle states, driving, etc. are handled by Tele-op Catalyst, so you don't have to.
 While I've never entered FTC myself, I do hear that the interface part can be tricky for teams and this would allow them to get up and running quickly.

Anyone had a chance to test this?  Let us know in the comments.


Joraaver Chahal said…
I'm captain for an FTC team, but because I knew my RobotC, I never had to use this. However , I have helped many teams who had no clue how to get to the debugger and setup the FTC remote for field inspection and stuff and general testing, and I am quite sure this will be a huge help. If this could be implemented in the next driver suite, as say, part of the motors and sensors setup once someone has selected Tetrix and NXT as a platform, then I think this would improve the user experience quite a lot.
Titus Woo said…
I agree. I wrote the software (now available at to make the whole process more painless, and I think it would be great if the good people over at ROBOTC could figure out how to integrate something like this into the workflow!

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