MinuteBot Base: Project will be funded!

Update: The project has been funded! :)
We'll keep you updated when one of us receives the base plates.

Have you checked out the MinuteBot Base project that Damien blogged about earlier?

The Kickstarter funding project still needs a few more backers to make it become reality.

Keep in mind that this is not 'donating'. If you pledge, you're buying a product at a discount price. The product is a Technic Base Plate, 21x30.

There's only 4 days left to pledge. If you'd like to have one of these plates for your robots, get one now you still can! To pledge, go here.

Here's a suggestion by Jetro on how to use the baseplate. What will you make?


Simpfan said…
I have supported this and buyed one today. Hope it's a short time til it will come.
EdwinJ said…
Just supported this awesome technic base plate project.
And i also supported a new Carmageddon game while i was at it.
Phil Eudy said…
I wanted to buy one but today's date is 5/23/12. It looks like I'm past the cut off date.

Someone write me back if I can still purchase one of these. philipeudy@gmail.com
Laurens Valk said…

You should be able to place an order once production has started.

Those who pledged here are just the early birds.

arI was one of those who pledged & paid (5/17/12), I received an est. delivery date of July 2012. As of yet I have not received any MinuteBot Bases. Does anyone know what happened to the product?

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