GlideWheel sensor from Mindsensors

From the 'Coming Soon...' page of Mindsensors is this nice looking sensor.  The Glidewheel is a motor encoder, which means you can use the PF motors and RCX motors with the NXT, and control exactly how far they have turned.  It'll have an accuracy of 1 degree and retail for $29.95.

Now despite it being only 'coming soon', our good friend Xander over at BotBench has managed to get his hands on one.
The mailman brought me a cool new toy to play with this afternoon!  It’s the Mindsensors GlideWheel-M!  These are so cool, you can now use the Large XL Power Functions motor with the same degree of accuracy as an NXT motor.  The GlideWheel-M is just a single unit thick and fits very nicely onto the motor.  You can mount it in any orientation you like.  It’s really easy to use; if you know how to use an NXT motor, you can use this.

Check out his blog post for a very nice video as well.


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