Grey November - NXT driven submarine

Grey November Mark I and Grey November Mark II 

Captain Greybeard was challenged to build a LEGO Mindstorms submarine. 

To accomplish this, he decided to build a normal hull out of technic beams and place the NXT as usual inside the structure... but sealed inside a plastic bag!

With this plastic bag he could watch the display and push all the buttons needed ... and the cables for Motors and sensors are glued in at the seam of the bag to seal it tight ... arr arr And there would be one additional cable ... a plugged in cable for the power supply with a coupling on the free end ... so one can charge the NXT battery after sealing! This bag and the cable for charging the battery would be the only nonLEGO parts !!

The result is a very manoeuvrable little sub that we can see in action in this video:

Captain Greybeard tested the sub in his pool before sending it down to Portugal for the Arte em Peças 2012 LEGO Sub competition... he adds

"I built two submarine, Grey November Mark I and Grey November Mark II ...
The first sub is equipped with a compas sensor and a color sensor (for signaling it's state to the outside) and the second one with a compas sensor and an IRseeker.
When my subs returned from Portugal I want to try that the second sub will follow the first automatically. For that purpose I will attach an IR ball to the first submarines!"

While we wait to see that... Can anyone guess who is Captain Greybeard?  hint: we see him in the video :D 


Unknown said…

Will there be a pool at LEGOWORLD? ;)
CD's Brick Mix said…
Thoughs are really cool!
Hookz said…
Captain Greybert is a lego blocks boy

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