New HiTechnic PIR Sensor

HiTechnic have a new sensor out, this time based on Passive Infra Red(PIR).  That's the kind of sensor you see on motion sensitive lights.  All warm things emit some radiation and this little sensor is tuned to pickup moving objects between 30C and 50C.  Stay still however and you'll become invisible to it!.

The sensor is divided into two sections, left and right and will given you an indication when it spots something on either side.  With a little clever think, you can also figure out if the object is moving from left to right or the other way around.

HiTechnic have provided an excellent image to show exactly how that works

Plenty more information on how it all works along with sample NXT-G and NXC code can be found here.

 If you had one of these, what would you use it for?


Adam Eyring said…
Just the thing I might need! Was planning to use my NXT to detect wild animals in my backyard and activate a camera. Ultrasonic sensor can also be used, but range needs to be evaluated.
Anonymous said…
Can it let ur robot follow the object it picks up and does it work with nxt # 8547

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