Bluetooth for PowerFunctions

Not exactly NXT related, but very interesting none the less. Not a ot of info on the website, but hopefully more to come.

The UPCORE-G1 will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and then control Power Function motors.

It has 3 proportional controllers and 5 non-proportional controllers that have standard PF connectors.  It also has a 3 axis gyroscope which can feed back information to your smartphone.  They give the great example of using this to detect when you have a collision.  Just imagine - a rumble of your smartphone when you hit an object!

Currently works for iOS5 and Android 4.0 although I couldn't find a download.
Anyone got more information?


Simpfan said…
You can buy it at:
I think you got everything there as download ti ios and android. Hope this helped
Leon Overweel said…
Would be awesome if this could connect to the NXT's BT.

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