Curiosity landed on... a pile of LEGO bricks!

So last night I stayed up till 2:30AM to watch the NASA Live feed as Curiosity was doing it's remarkable landing on MARS... At the same time I was imagining how cool an NXTfied model of Curiosity would be!!  Well today I discovered that while I was just starting to think about it... a team of LEGO Robotics Expert where actually ready to show off their latest version!

That's right, Doug Moran and Will Gorman were at the "Build the Future in Space" event at NASA's Kennedy Space Center with an awesome fully functional LEGO MINDSTORMS Curiosity model Check out the video of it in action:

Little did I know, they did a presentation of this robot when Curiosity launched back in November 2011,  in other words, they have been working at this for as long as it took Curiosity to get to Mars!! go to Will's website to see more video and early prototypes of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Curiosity

I really like how it turned out! Nice job guys.


city said…
thanks for sharing.
Bill said…
This is great - but would be even better if Lego could create an official (cheaper) version with the necessary special parts (thinking about the wheel drives). Maybe NXT 3.0 will be a Lego Curiosity ?!? Here's hoping! Proper BT / Wifi connectivity. Smartphone / iPad/ Table interfaces. New programming s/w....

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