Aug 8, 2012

Moonbots 2012 phase 1 finalist videos

All the 30 MOONBOTS 2012 entry videos that made it into phase two are listed here

Congratulations teams!


Matthias Paul Scholz said...

I wonder where all the European and Asian teams are when it comes to the finalists - almost 2/3 of them stem from the USA.

Why is that so in a contest that is meant to be a world-wide one?

Are there so few participants from outside the USA?

Ворон Александр said...

I'm the captain of RTRM team. We are from Russia.
I told about Moonbots contest on my blog but there is no such interest in our country as in USA.
I think interantional free contests like Moonbots allow us to show other kids creating robots is very interesting and funny.

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