Underwater NXT vehicle

Ohhh...  NXT's underwater :)

This video shows a maneuverability test for an underwater NXT.  The NXT is sealed quite nicely with leads heading out to standard PowerFunctions motors.  Apparently there is no problems immersing the motors directly in water, as long as they are thoroughly dried after use to prevent corrosion.

A pair of NXTBees provide communication between a laptop with XBOX 360 controller and the NXT.

Via - http://dexterindustries.com/blog/2012/07/05/underwater-robot-with-the-nxtbee_lego_mindstorms_nxt/


Anonymous said…
Running electric motors in water is generally OK, but if they are brushed motors, which I think these are, be aware the wear on the brushes will be very fast - as in 45 minutes in water, and the motor will probably lose enough power it will need replacing.
Robotica said…
I did a test for the underwater excavator NXT-sans as it had to run at NI week.
the XL-PF motors dud run for over 3 weeks, forward and reverse, as long as we kept them underwater. The moment we pulled them out they started to die... (we did a 5 min test in a bathtub resulting 5 dead motors)

understand that wet motors are not warranty

Unknown said…
i have a question
how can the robot`s nxt brick waterproof

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