WARNING: Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 and NXT-G

So I did my backup and decided to upgrade to Mountain Lion Then found out that it broke my NXT-G software -it didn't start anymore!@%#!!!

When this happened I was a very upset... so i posted a comment on my FB and Raghav a student I met in India confirmed to me that he got his working on a new 10.8... Really? Cool!...  So i tried something.

I simply re-installed the program from the available ISO (not the cd) on the LEGO website and luckily it all worked just fine after that!! Since this will happen to others let me share the workaround:

Content of MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0.iso
with EngRet.mpkg selected
Here are the step: 

1) Do a Time Machine backup and go ahead * update your mac to Mountain Lion

2) Go to http://service.LEGO.com/en-us/helptopics/?questionid=2655 and download the MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0.iso file

3) If double clicking on the iso file gives you authority issue simply right click on it and select OPEN

4) Don't bother with the Install icon, instead just pick your language Ger Dut Eng Fra Ret.mpkg

Icons found once installed
5) Right click on your language package and select OPEN

6) Accept licenses

7) Reboot to complete

8) Click on the NXT-G icon in the Application folder or from your dock -like before- and now you can get back to work on that robot program :)

My import block collection,
some installed without owning the senor just to check them out!
You will be happy to know that all your imported NXT-G blocks are still there.

I also posted an answer here** and I hope niltz and afink1966  can get their's working soon!

Let us know how this works for you :)

N.B.: The iso file for NXT-G Retail is also good for installing on Windows system.  ;)

* if you are worried don't install 10.8

**LEGO forum link http://messageboards.lego.com/en-US/showpost.aspx?PostID=6319295#6319295


RAGHAV said…
glad i helped you! :D
Unknown said…
I have a problem in my macbook air
whe i install the nxt software, he uninstall the flash player, and when i reinstall the flash player the nxt software don´t work.

i need help please.

Phil Eudy said…
I've been looking for some of those programming blocks. Where did you get them at?
@Plisken Seju, if you talking about the standalone flash player - it might not work - did you install the NXT-G using the method i described? Anyways post your issue on the LEGO Forum (link in the article)

@Phil -- from many 3rd party NXT compatible stuff such as DexterIndustries, Hitechnic, Firgelli, Mindsensors and the HL485 Highspeed link to connect 2 bricks via port4 is from Andy Miluzzi!
dimitrin said…
I have the same problem as Plisken. I believe it is something with Flash, If you uninstall Flash MindStorms works.
dimitrin said…
I have the same problem as Plisken, I believe it is a conflict with Flash, because if you uninstall Flash MindStorms works again.
Unknown said…
There was a issue with Flash and LMS- the latest LMS version on the retail website address this. It should work straight away.
Unknown said…
I've just bought a Lego Mindstorms kit and tried to install it's software on Mountain Lion. I keep getting an error message "Unable to open resource files". I tried to install fromt the CD and later from the ISO found on Lego's site.

Can anyone help ?
Unknown said…
Using your fix here got the software working just fine, but I still can't download a program to the brick... The Mac claims to pair with the bluetooth on the brick fine, but it doesn't show up in the NXT app as an available device to upload to. Clicking "Scan" just blinks. Any ideas?
Unknown said…
Found this very comprehensive article on the Mountain Lion issues at http://huestones.co.uk/node/166 which points out that the Fantom driver only works in 32 bit mode, and that you can update it to 64 bit by installing NI_VISA, and also that LEGO's drivers don't work with Broadcom chips on Mountain Lion. Solution: use an external bluetooth dongle or a USB cable.
Unknown said…
Hello I Just Got a Lego Mindstorms nxt 2.0 and i dont understand how i download a sound i dont have on my nxt software
Unknown said…
I just got mindsotmrs nxt 2.0 and i dont know how to get the sounds i have to use in the building instructions
Unknown said…
I did everything you said to install in my mac and the result was: ERROR 1003 - A required file is broken.
Can you help me please?
Thanks Gabriel

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