Behind the people of Cubestormer

Remember Cubestormer II?  That amazing Rubik's Cube solving robot?  Well David Gilday (one half of the Cubestormer team) has posted a nice reflection of the time spent on the project.  I hadn't realised that he and Mike Dobson (the other half) were actually in a friendly competition to see who could create the fastest only to decide that they would be better off working together.

The 2013 Guiness Book of Records has just been released and David happily shows off the Cubestormer entry for 'Fastest Robot to Solve a Rubik's Cube'.  The official time is 5.270 seconds!
Just a note, the fastest human clocks in at 5.66 seconds.

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Here's a 4.672 second solve they managed to catch on camera

Congrats Mike and David!


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