3000 Posts!

A big milestone for us as we put up our 3000th post!

What started as a simple little blog collecting information about the newly released MINDSTORMS NXT system, has grown into an amazing community of like minded people.

We get several thousand views per day and over 2 million page views since Jim Kelly started it out back in mid-2008 2006.

There are few little surprises in the works, and hopefully I get them up sooner rather than later (once my backlog of work eases!)

We love all the feedback we get as well as news about the awesome projects you have all been working on.  Please keep them coming and thank you all for your support!

theNXTstep contributors

**Edit:  Jim has actually pointed out that they started in 2006!**


Unknown said…

You website was and is still a very good one, with interesting informations and video, and maybe the last one about NXT.

Keep updating it !

PS: Do you know another good forum than Mindboards ?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, I always enjoy reading the posts on peoples' wonderful and wacky Lego creation, so thanks for all your hard work.
Wow. 3000 posts. Hard to believe.

I actually started it back in 2006 I believe, but back then it was just three or four of us trying to hunt down everything we could on a product that wasn't yet released... we only had screenshots of the software and press release photos of the Tribot and a few others.

Glad to see that TheNXTStep is alive and well!
Brian Davis said…
It is a pretty impressive milestone... hopefully, just one along the way... :)

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