Now this is cool! LEGO MCP Mike Brandls has created a fantastic Mini Labyrinth game.  You start the ball in once corner and by moving the joystick, the table rotates.  Your challenge is to get the ball to the 'exit'.  Now that in itself would be great, but Mike has built in some very nifty software enhancements.

There are several different difficulty settings, with Basic mode being the easiest.  Push the joystick left, the table tilts left. Push it right, the table goes right.  Push it forward the table goes forward and push it back... you guessed it, the table goes back.

Mode 2 is a little trickier. Forward and Backward still works, but pushing left causes the table to tilt right and vice versa.

Mode 2 can also swaps the Forward and Backward controls (but keeping the left and right performing correctly)

Mode 3 swaps both the Forward/Backward as well as the Left/Right controls. Try getting your head around that!

And to top it all off, the NXT keeps time so you know how fast you solved it!  Keep watching the video until the end as there is a nice short 'under-the-covers' look of the mechanism that drives it.


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