RoboCupJunior Australia 2012 Championships

On September 22/23, we held the Australian Championships for RoboCup Junior.  This year we saw over 140 teams and over 400 kids from all over Australia come to Canberra to show off their creations.  I am constantly amazed at the ability of these students and what they are able to create.  We make it a point to interview every team to make sure that the work is substantially their own (not some well meaning but overhelpful teacher or parent).  I spoke to quite a few teams, who despite being in grade 10,11 or 12, knew more than I did after my first year of my Engineering Degree!
While not strictly a LEGO competition, given the ease with which LEGO can introduce students to robotics, we see a large percentage of competitors with NXT's (and even some RCX's!)

Hightlights video below, and you can find a few more photos at my blog -

More info on RoboCup Junior Australia -


Simon Burfield said…
That looks wicked, I would love to go to an event like that, everyone is dancing!

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