RobotC Driver Suite V3.0 Final

Xander has released another version of his popular Driver Suite.  This enables people using RobotC to interface to some of the more 'unusual' sensors out there for NXT market.

Updates include:
  • Changed my email address in all the files to a one
  • Added a driver for the HiTechnic Force Sensor + example programs
  • Added a driver for the Mindsensors LigthSensorArray + example programs (one f which is a calibration program)
  • Modified Mindsensors IMU driver. You can now only retrieve all 3 axes at once, this is a limitation of the sensor. The ability to retrieve the magnetic fields is now also possible.
  • Fixed a bug in the HiTechnic SuperPro Experiment 2 program where not all digital IOs were set to output.
  • Implemented a new function in the Firgelli Linear Actuator driver, you can now issue a STOP, added 3rd test program to demonstrate how to use it. I have no idea why I never did that before.
He's always looking for feedback, so give it a go and let him know it goes.


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