LEGO® MINDSTORMS Curiosity Mars Rover on German TV

The fantastic LEGO® MINDSTORMS Curiosity Mars Rover, built by Will Gorman and Doug Moran, keeps getting prominent: after having visited the NASA, the WRO in Malaysia and the European Robotics Week in Prague, it will now be shown in a very popular TV show called "Quarks & Co"!

These days, the dutch "NXT family" Vuurzoon, well-known for great creations like Mindy MINDSTORMS, LEGO® friends NXT or the LEGO® Gramophone, went to the broadcast station in Cologne for shootings where Anika Vuurzoon served as a presenter.
The scenery looks great:

MINDSTORMS Rover in the Quarks & Co studio driving in the “Mars” dessert

Anika controls the MINDSTORMS Rover during close up “drill” recordings
The show will be broadcasted on 11th December at 9 PM; I'll definitely be watching it!


Claude Baumann said…
You should watch this anyway next week. So, don't miss it! -despite everything being done in German-. The moderator Ranga Yogeshwar and I were classmates during high school. He's a graduated physicist and the leading science journalist in Germany. The audience ratings of his series Quarks&Co are constantly high.
Here a few pictures of our latest alumni meeting in Diekirch/Luxembourg:

... some of which were taken in the local computer museum "Computarium" -part of our good old school.

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