LEGO Mindstorms Trial Truck

Landon Andrews sent through this great video of a 4x4 truck he's been working on.

I noticed that there aren't really any really great mindstorm 4x4 trial trucks out there.  It seems as though all of the NXT trial trucks out their have 6, or 8 wheel drive (which by the way is still super awesome), or they don't really have good suspension.  So over the past few weeks I've been building my own, and I was just wondering what you think of it.
I love how manoeuvrable it is.  There are some seriously big boulders it manages to get over.  I'd love to see a close-up of how the suspension etc works.  What do other readers think?


Simpfan said…
Wow, amazing. That was so cool. Good work. The car can get everywhere.
Ken Solver said…
Looks great! I'd like to get a closer look of the inside ;-)

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