The NXTolaus, a Christmas robot

Christmas is approaching, so I decided to come up with a NXT Christmas robot this year, the NXTolaus:

The NXTolaus can be built with a single LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 set.

When roaming around with a closed bag full of presents, it will detect you with its Ultrasonic sensor. In that case, it will stop, speak some Christmas greetings and open its bag.
Once you have taken out the presents, the NXTolaus will notice that using a hidden touch sensor at the bottom of the bag; it then closes the bag and "walks" away.

See details and find building and programming instructions in the robots section of my NXT web site.


Unknown said…
Awesome Mathias!!!! this afternoon Im gonna build it
Rajiv Bharadwaj said…
Awsome but how do you connect the basket to the main bot and the basket is not opening. Can you send a solution?

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