Comparing the EV3 with the NXT

(note the two are not to scale, the EV3, is the same size, except for the display that is half a Technic beam higher..)
At this point more and more information on the new EV3 platform are coming to the market, we love to see all the videos form CES 2013, here are some sites, for more details.
Robotsquare: EV3 31313 sensor and motors picture
Compare the NXT to the EV3
Roberta: a PDF in German and a PDF in English with a good side by side comparison.
LEGO Education also put a comparison fact sheet up.


Eric D. Burdo said…
Thanks for the comparison.

Some interesting things to note.

1) That the EV3 can be used for the 2013 season for FLL.

2) The PDF from Roberta/Bot Bench has some nice comparisons.
This is great. It is also really nice to see a screenshot of the new software in the document from Roberta.

I would really love to see a list comparing what comes in the EV3 educational set vs. the retail set, so far as is known publicly.

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