Education EV3, so Cool

The new education base robot, with a special metal caster ball.

The all new small motor based on the PFsmall motor, but with encoder and MINDSTORMS connector.

The new battery pack as you can see has different clips on the side (2) so you can not use the old battery pack but it uses the same 10v DC power adapter. the pack is again one module higher, but on the sides you can still add a cross beam.
The Education set will come with a different set of sensor than the retail set.
with an all new extension set you can build some ultimate cool models, like this Elephant and a spinning factory, also a whole range of Stem models.
more information on the LEGO Education MINDSTORMS site and their news site
below meet the designer!
Thanks Lee.


Anonymous said…
Do you know where I can find the building instructions?

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