LEGO® MINDSTORMS DVD presented on the official MINDSTORMS web site

2013 is there and also this year The NXT STEP will keep on delivering amazing news from the MINDSTORMS universe to you.

It starts with a personal pleasure to me: my new (German-speaking) 10-hours tutorial DVD "LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT" has been presented and recommended on the official MINDSTORMS web site.

Feel free to have a look there.
Watch the trailer, too; it's in German, though, but that might be a good opportunity to finally start learning the native language of Goethe, Kant, Beethoven and Albert Einstein... ;)


Simpfan said…
Will this be available in english soon?
Unknown said…
@Simpfan: I don't think the publisher intends to produce an English version soon.
Simpfan said…
Too bad, it have been so perfectly for med to get this in english. I can't germany language at all.

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