There is huge news coming out of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with LEGO unveiling the next generation of their LEGO Robotics lineup.  This new product, designated EV3, has been released to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the launch of the first MINDSTORMS product.

There are 5 fantastic looking models with instructions straight out of the box (mohawk looks really cool),but just as with the NXT and the RCX before it, you are only limited by your imagination.  Building instructions that come with the kit are in 3D format, so you can virtually zoom and rotate them to figure out exactly where each piece goes! :)

It looks like on-brick programming has been considerably expanded, which means you can do plenty of programming without the need of a computer.

This new version boasts updated hardware, sensors and software

EV3 Intelligent Brick
  • Stronger and faster ARM9 robotic processor
  • Embedded 16MB FLASH memory
  • 64 MB RAM plus SD expansion slot
  • LINUX operating system, released under open source 
  • USB 2.0 interface allows for WiFi connectivity 
  • 4 input ports / 4 output ports allow up to four intelligent bricks to be connected together
  • Matrix display with loudspeaker 
  • Building-compatible button interface with status indication
  • Enhanced on-brick programming
  • Bluetooth ® v2.1  
  • iOS and Android compatible

  • 3 Interactive Servo Motors: 2 large and 1 medium 
  • 1 Touch Sensor
  • New IR Seeker Sensor measures distance, movements and detects objects 
  • New IR Beacon remotely controls robot from up to 6 feet away 
  • Improved Color Sensor detects 6 colors plus the absence of color
  • Backwards-compatible with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT
  • Assortment of 594 LEGO TECHNIC® elements for easy, more stable building with improved functionality and movement capabilities

Programming Software
  • Downloadable software is PC and Mac compatible 
  • Icon-based drag and drop environment for “building” programs with new interactive content that helps de-bug programming
  • Ability to zoom out on bigger programs facilitates creation of parallel executions, arrays and other advanced concepts

Currently listed as available in the latter half of 2013 with a suggested retail price of US$349.

More info here - www.LEGO.com/mindstorms
 There is a educational version in the pipeline, with more info being posted here as it's released. www.LEGOeducation.us/MINDSTORMS

Stay tuned!  We'll be updating as we get more info.  Fingers crossed we'll get some real life shots from the demos being done in Las Vegas.

What are your initial thoughts?  Let us know in the comments.


This is very exciting, Damien! The changes are all very welcome. I could almost go through point-by-point and say, "Awesome!". Open-source firmware -- great! Backwards compatible ; new sensors; build-friendly control buttons, and more of them; more space and power. This is great.

I do hope the programming software that comes with it is reliable and easy to use. : )
Trella said…
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Trella said…
for german version see: ev3lution.com

deutsche Version hier: ev3lution.de
xszolix said…
I am excited, and happy, but a litle disapointed. I hoped they put in some advanced sensor giro/compass or a new sound sensor.
They just replaced the ultrasonic sensor with this infrared one.

The small motor is great. But just with 2 normal motor?

I don't like this scarry/spikey animal theme. Wery few technic pieces, lot of decoratiw ones.
No sound sensor, but the gyro sensor is there, working well, for the EDU version only. Also, only for the EDU version, there's a new improved Ultrasonic sensor.
No sound sensor, but the gyro sensor is there, working well, for the EDU version only. Also, only for the EDU version, there's a new improved Ultrasonic sensor.

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