Dr. E's Challenges

Prof. Dr. Chris Rogers at Tufts University who has been one of the main contributors to ROBOLAB and the LABView edition for LEGO® MINDSTORMS, has created a series of challenges for teams all over the world to take part online: Dr. E's Challenges.

The six challenges will be published by and by (likely each two weeks) and have to be solved by teams of two or three students using LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT. The solutions for a challenge that have been sent in until the associated deadline (by video, text etc) are rated by all participating teams; the team who submitted the one that gets the highest over-all rating will receive a small price.

Teams from all over the world  are invited to take part, so go for it!
As the competition is running for some days already, the deadline for submissions for the first challenge "Silly walks" is somewhat tight now at 15th of February.


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