Enchanting v0.2.3 is out

Enchanting is a fantastic project that combines the programming language of SCRATCH with the NXT.  Clinton has just released version 0.2.3 and some of the improvements look great.
- Easily control the display with the SCRATCH sprite editor
- Easily record sounds to upload to your NXT
- Program your robot to travel set distances and angles (hmmm, would be interesting to know how it accounts for variations in robot design)

Check out more info here - http://enchanting.robotclub.ab.ca/
I'm pleased to announce that Enchanting v0.2.3 is out.
Enchanting makes programming the NXT fun again. It is simple enough for a beginner, but has enough depth to be a useful tool for an intermediate-to-advanced roboticist.
Here's a taste of what it's all about, in less than two minutes:
Enchanting is free and open-source, includes German and French translations, and runs on Windows and Mac OS X (and somewhat on Linux). There are several more videos, an iBook, and cards to show you how to use it, thoughts from people who've used Enchanting, a list of bugs to be aware of, and forums where we'll help you with your questions. Come and take a look!


Before you can tell your robot to drive forward a specific distance, you must specify the dimensions and setup of the robot. It is explained in this video and in Enchanting Card #4.
Mr. D said…
Will Enchanting work with EV3? I've got NXT and want to upgrade to EV3. Also, anyway to use Enchanting on Chromebooks?
I want to use Enchanting but I have an EV3, so I can't. I have to wait for an update.
Unknown said…
For all who want to use scratch like programming check out Open Roberta Lab: http://lab.open-roberta.org

Is open-source and online - everythings for free.
More information at https://wiki.open-roberta.org or at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Roberta
Would be interesting what you think about.

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