LEGO Loom Machines

So I'm sure you've all seen Nico71's amazing loom machine here but look what Tomasz Zając has just posted: a super cool version using MINDSTORMS NXT and some PF motors!

Now your LEGO robot can knit a warm scarf for you this cold winter;)

See more pictures of this cool (err I mean "warm") creation here 

 I which I had this superb MINDSTORMS scarf with me when I filmed the Phat Track video at -30°C

: . .


Judson said…
This is awesome!
What is a PF Motor?
billb said…
PF = power functions
It is a series of powered devices that can be used to make technic models move by remote control or on-board switches.
Anonymous said…

My wife is a weaver and would LOVE to help me build one of these for demonstrating at fiber events. Is there a plan available for sale?


Unknown said…
wants to buy . what is price
Unknown said…
Where can I get instructions on how to make this?

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