EV3 available at 1st of August?

(C) LEGO Education
For the first time LEGO has offically announced a concrete date for the availability of the new MINDSTORMS product EV3: on the homepage of LEGO Education USA a News entry of today states the 1st of August 2013 as the date when the first sets of the Education version will be shipped to customers.


Anonymous said…
Do you know if anyone has done a breakdown of the elements in the kits (NXT versus Edu EV3 versus Commercial EV3)? It looks like there are a few new parts, and fat tires instead of motorcycle-style tires, in the EV3 Edu kit (and Edu add-on).
Wesley Bastos said…
What is the difference between the educational kit and kit normal? The education has the better processor? More parts?
How can I purchase educational kit?
Hylas said…
I think, educational kit would be cheaper and need of proof of educational id to purchase it.
Damien Kee said…
The education kit will have a slight difference in the parts / sensors. The main brick will be exactly the same.

The Edu kit also comes with a rechargable battery, plastic storage bucket and the software will also include the Datalogging part (which the retail doesn't).

Unfortunately it'll also be more expensive than the Retail set :(

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