Changes at theNXTstep

There are some changes underway at theNXTstep blog.  After a few great years as Editor, unfortunately it has come time for me to step down.  Family life (2 young and very active boys) has meant that I have not had as much free time to devote to the blog as I once was able.  I'm still staying on as a contributor, but as prolific a poster as I was last year.  I'm still heavily involved with MINDSTORMS in schools with my day-to-day job and will definitely be showing more of my EV3 projects over the coming months, leading up to its official release.

Matthias Paul Scholz has stepped up to the plate as Acting Editor for the time being and will do, I have no doubt, an amazing job. We're also doing a regroup with our other contributors, as some are sadly leaving us after many years of fantastic posts and wonderful comments and discussions.  We're also excited to announce a few new contributors, people already well known in LEGO MINDSTORMS community, but we'll leave those introductions for another post ;)

Keep your ideas and projects flowing to us, we love to be able to showcase them here on the blog so that the world can see them :)

Damien Kee


Unknown said…
I love this blog! Don't ever stop! :D
Damien thanks for all your work and contributions the past few years! Good luck with your next endeavors!!
Damien Kee said…
I'm not leaving! Just scaling back a little :)

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